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About Janitorial Assistance Services


Since 1996 Janitorial Assistance Services has been emerging as a leader in the custodial maintenance business.  We cover the entire Dallas and Fort Worth Metropolitan areas with professional personnel and cleaning solutions that are second to none.

Many businesses, commercial properties and residential real estate companies have come to trust Janitorial Assistance Services due to our rapid response to customer needs, great customer service, and our proactive approach to service.

When speaking to potential clientele in the field, the major concerns that these companies have is - "can I reach someone when we have concerns?" Another concern is "no one comes to check our facility!" These are concerns that we at JAS take very seriously. 

Our involvement with our customer's and their facilities go way beyond cleaning.  We get involved as a management team to make sure your relationship with your crew, and our management team continually develop to assure your cleaning objectives are being consistently met.

At Janitorial Assistance Services, were more than just a cleaning company.  Were PEOPLE taking care of PEOPLE.

Our Staff Is Committed To Custodial Excellence


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So Call Us!  Let our services compliment your business sanitation needs.


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